OWC Memory Upgrade Kit till 2666MHz-datorer

495,00 kr
396,00 kr exkl. moms
495,00 kr
OWC2666DDR4S16G  Internminne: 16 GB, Minneslayout (moduler x storlek):
1 x 16 GB, Typ av internminne: DDR4, Minne klockhastighet: 2666 MHz, Minne formfaktor: 260-pin SO-DIMM

Kompatibel med:

iMac w/Retina 5K display
(27-inch Mid 2020)
(August 2020)
Model ID: iMac20,1; iMac20,2
3.1GHz i5, 3.3GHz i5, 3.8GHz i7, 3.6GHz i9
Detailed specs coming soon
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iMac Intel
iMac w/Retina 5K display
(27-inch Early 2019)
(March 2019)
Model ID: iMac19,1
3.0GHz i5, 3.1GHz i5, 3.7GHz i5, 3.6GHz i9

Install Videos
Mac mini 2018
Mac mini (Late 2018)
(November, 2018)
Model ID: Macmini8,1
3.6GHz i3, 3.0GHz i5, 3.2GHz i7

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PC Laptop
PC Laptops
Compatible with Intel / AMD Process based PCs capable with the specifications listed above. Memory complies with JEDEC Specifications, document JESD79-3B.