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Adobe Creative Cloud bugg som raderade hårddiskar är fixad!


Så här skriver ADOBE själva:

Last week, Adobe rolled out a Creative Cloud update with a harmful bug that, for some Mac users, deleted files from the system root directory. Once the bug was discovered with the help of backup platform Backblaze, Creative Cloud version was pulled from release and was replaced Sunday with an update that promises to fix the issue.

The bug appears to have deleted the first file in the root directory for users who downloaded the update, whatever that file might have been. Backblaze users noticed problems because alphabetically, the service’s .bzvol folder sits at the top of their root directory. When Creative Cloud deleted the folder, Backblaze alerted the user that something was wrong.

In a blog post on Friday, Adobe acknowledged the issue, saying that ‘the updater may incorrectly remove some files from the system root directory with user writeable permissions.’ Version was released Sunday with a fix for the problem.



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