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H-Squared Air Mount Express: Acrylic mount for your Apple AirPort Express base station

350 kr
280 kr exkl. moms

280 kr exkl. moms

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H-Squared Air Mount Express

The mount to maximize your AirPort network range.
The Air Mount Express is the perfect solution to mount your Apple AirPort Express base station and maximize your wireless range and speed.

The Air Mount Express is a convenient solution for when you want to get your Apple AirPort Express off of the desk to not only avoid clutter but to also enhance your wireless signal and range. Designed for mounting on a vertical surface, but can also be mounted using the horizontal adapter or upside-down. Comes with the necessary mounting hardware.

When it comes to speed and reliability, nothing beats the Apple AirPort Express products from Apple. To get the most out of either product, you need the Air Mount series. This innovative product allows you to mount your Apple AirPort Express base station on the wall, the ceiling or virtually any vertical or horizontal surface- providing maximum clearance for superior range and speed as well as freeing up desk or shelf space. 

As with other H-Squared products, the Air Mount utlizes a flexible design that is sturdy yet unobtrusive. The slotted grips effortlessly hold your Apple AirPort Express base station in place and the hidden stop prevents your base station from falling out. The specially-formulated recyclable acrylic looks like glass but is twenty times stronger and will provide a lifetime of service.

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